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Вышел ComixWall 4.3

- OpenBSD 4.3-stable, i.e. includes all stable patches as of September 7th
- Support for i386 architecture (VMWare installation completes in this release, but not supported)
- Upgrade support, from ComixWall 4.2 i386 to 4.3 i386
- xbase install set stripped down to save space on the CD image and the file system
- SnortIPS: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) based on snort alerts, totally relies on pfctl, improved for 4.3 release
- ClamAV 0.94: Anti-virus scanner
- DansGuardian with clamd: Content scanning web filter
- IMSpector 0.7: Message logging IM proxy which supports MSN, IRC, Yahoo, etc.
- pfw 0.7.8: Web interface for pf, patched for bugs
- Updated software packages from OpenBSD ports collection