Anders Magnusson приглашает к тестированию PCC

The first step of the development of PCC made possible by donations via BSD Fund is complete and I would like to invite people to start testing PCC more heavily. Some of the changes have been quite substantial and I may have introduced some new bugs.

I think the support for GCC-specific extensions should be quite good now, even though most attributes are simply parsed and ignored. The only useful target to currently test is i386. Others are coming but not yet complete.

To test PCC under OpenBSD you probably need some patches to the system headers to run it. To apply them, fetch and go to /usr/include/sys and apply them.

To compile PCC, it is best to fetch it out of cvs via pserver: "cvs -d co pcc" and then just run ./configure, make and make install

There are also daily tarballs generated if you don't want to use cvs by some reason.

Please register bug reports in the pcc bug database. The best bug reports is of the form "this particular code snippet doesn't compile" or "this expression generates wrong assembler".

Good luck with it and thank you for your support!

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